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"One Soak and It's History"


Eco-Safe Laundry Stain Remover

for Quilts, Linens, and All Washable Textiles

Have you ever seen vintage textiles with those brown or yellow age stains that just ruined the pristine look of what otherwise would be a real prize? Washing doesn't seem to have any effect, and they either end up in the bottom of a box in the garage or maybe even the trash. Well, I've been washing vintage quilts and textiles for decades, and I've found a solution to this age-old dilemma. Whether you are trying to remove mildew stains from linens, wood oil stains from vintage laces and quilts, tea/coffee stains from tablecloths, or perspiration stains from vintage clothing, our eco-safe laundry stain remover will renew your treasured heirlooms to their original color and vitality. Put our cleaning solutions to the test today!

Soak Out Stains with Retro Clean

Whether you have vintage clothes, quilts, linens, or possibly a tough stain on your favorite shirt, you can trust Retro Clean
to soak out those stains that appear to be permanent. It will safely remove a variety of difficult stains without affecting the
integrity or color of your vintage textile or your favorite clothing. Just take a look at the video above to explore some uses.

    Full Washing Solutions with Retro Wash

 Retro Clean can tackle most difficult stains, but we also offer a regular use laundry solution. 
 Retro Wash is an eco-safe laundry powder that has no dyes, perfumes, softeners or brighteners. It is a gentle 
 choice for laundry that will be in contact with sensitive skin. It's great for all your hand washing needs, as well as
all of your everyday laundry needs. It can safely be used in Standard and HE machines. One tablespoon for a full
capacity load is all you need. Take a look at our tutorial above to see how it pairs perfectly with Retro Clean
to get your textiles looking and feeling their very best!