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Customers Love Our Gentle Cleaning Solution!

Here's a small sample of some love letters we've received. Take a look at their testimonials below.

"I purchased 'Retro Clean' from you a couple of months ago and finally got around to trying it this weekend. I took a vintage Barbie dress that there was no hope for and soaked it for two days (in the sunshine) in a mason jar. I swear the dress looks brand new. There was a huge ugly brown spot on the front that I tried to get off with one of those Tide pens and it was stretching the chiffon so I stopped, it is now GONE. The top part of the dress was metallic green and I thought it would ruin it but it didn't. I'm just amazed! This is awesome stuff! Thanks!"

~ Jenny

"Hi , I purchased this fabulous product from you a few month's ago, and finally got around to trying it. I just wanted to let you know that I am totally impressed! This product removed the discoloration and brightened up my vintage clothing. I will be back for more. Best Regards,"

~ Diane
"It is the best thing since sliced bread. My dress when I was 2 yrs old (I am 65 now) was kept in a cedar chest but still had old age stains. I could not locate a cleaning company that would attempt to clean the dress, as they did not want to be responsible if anything went wrong. I purchased Retro Clean and attempted it myself. I followed the instructions exactly and I was amazed at the results. I was shocked as to how beautiful and white it had become. No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals. I would recommend this to anyone."

"Just used Retro Clean and it was wonderful. I had two 65 year old baptsim dresses to whiten and now they look like new. Thanks for this product!"

~ Mary Kay W.

"Hi! I just wanted you to know that I just bought 2 more packages of Retro Clean. IT IS AN INCREDIBLE PRODUCT! I buy lots of vintage barkcloth & not only did the colors stay true... but it took old tobacco colored backgrounds & turned them dazzling white!!! I have been thrilled several times over with this product's performance! I'd be lost without my Retro Clean!!! Thank You," ~ Jill

"I just had to thank you for Retro Clean. It is miracle stuff. I have "rescued" two vintage quilts so far. One was so brown you could almost not see any colors in it, and now it's white and the colors are bright. When my supply gets a little lower, I'll be buying it again. Thanks again,"

~ Stephanie

"Dear Larry, I purchased both the Retro Clean and Retro Wash during your recent presentation at Thumb Butte Quilt Guild and treated 2 table cloths with these products. One of the table cloth had a nasty brown stain in the middle, and the other one has food stain that several washes could not remove. I followed your instructions scrupulously: pre-wash with Retro Wash, and then soak for 48 hours with Retro Clean, wash with Retro Wash again. Both table cloths came out LIKE NEW!!! I am so thrilled as these 2 items are heavily embroidered and came from my late Mom-in-law. I will be able to use them again. Thank you for a sensational set of products!"
Anne Abrams
Prescott Valley, AZ